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I have made this website as a place for people with anxiety disorders to come and find information and self help. Trust is something that not everyone with an anxiety disorder has a lot of. Trust that we will overcome this, trust that we can talk to people about this and that they will understand, trust that we can go to a certain place and not have an anxiety attack. The list is endless. I have learnt that a little faith in my being ok goes a long way. I wish you all a speedy and full recovery and hope that my page becomes a place for you to share your  experiences, find help and also support. More things are being added constantly so be sure to check back soon. Any suggestions on things that should, or could, be included are gladly received.
While I myself have suffered from an anxiety disorder, and agoraphobia, I am not a medical practitioner or medical professional.
I cannot stress how important it is to first see one to be diagnosed and to talk to. Anxiety disorders are medical conditions and should be treated as such. Never just assume you have one.  It is also extremely important to talk to someone, or see your doctor if you are suffering from depression or are having suicidal thoughts. Too many people with anxiety disorders lose hope and suffer. We have a high suicide rate. It can be a debilitating and hard condition to live with, but it is also a controllable and treatable one. Never feel you are alone, anxiety disorders are very common.  Good luck with your recovery-  Jen.


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Information on Anxiety Disorders.
-The who, what and where's of anxiety disorders.

What help is available?
- Types of professional help.
- Medications

Help I'm panicking!
- What to do if you're having an attack.

Relaxation techniques
- Breathing exercises
- Muscle relaxation
- Meditation

Natural therapies
- Aromatherapy
- Bach Flower Remedies             

Self esteem
- How improving it helps anxiety.

Daily Self Help
- Simple things you can do daily to help your recovery.

Thinking about suicide?
-This is a page outside of Trust, but if your feeling suicidal please give it a look.

Inspirational quotes
- Need some inspiration or a few words of wisdom?


Where can I find help?
- Area specific support and organizations. Look for groups in your area.
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Mental Health and Anxiety News
Keep up to date with anxiety information.  

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